B737 N1-/SPD Reference switches V2


The only one on the market that works like the one.

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Now comes with pre-soldered PCB’s and wiring harness for clean and easy installation.

Complete set for B737, two switches. This is the new v2 with enhanced centering mechanism.

These switches are more or less impossible to find the real ones. Most simbuilders use encoders, that’s about what have been available on the Sim market until now.

These switches are unique, no other manufacturer offer them. There are many different manufacturing steps to achieve this product and I’m the only one offering these switches, working like the real ones do. No encoders, I use spring-loaded camcentering mechanism.


These are dual rotaryswitches. The outer switch controls which value you want to change, the inner switch changes the value selected by 1 or 10 depending on how much you turn it. First 45 degrees changes the value by 1, turn 45-90 degrees and the values changes by 10 instead. Release the switch and it will snap back to center.


Like my other switches, it has the same shape as any normal rotary switch. Just replace your current switch. Easy mounting thanks to innovative design.


I’m only using high quality parts from brands like Carling, Lorlin, Lesjofors, SKF, TDS etc. They are built to last for many years. All parts machined in high precision cnc machines.

Compatible with, but not limited to

  • Prosim737
  • Zibo737

Required for installation

  • 21 digital input on your I/O-card.


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