About Us

Anders Simparts produces hard to get items with maximum realism using high quality hardware, offering them to the community in a competitive pricing range.

My name is Anders, I’m a cockpitbuilder since 2007. I have always been attracted to aviation, electronics, mechanics and computer. Currently working as a full time pilot on a local airline in Sweden, running Anders Simparts side by side. The perfect combination to work with all of my biggest interests.

My company was founded in 2012 when I was building a 737 cockpit and there were no good products on the market replicating the switches I now sell.

I now have a workshop in my garage with machines like CNC mill, lathe and a 3d printer. Looking into getting new machines in the future, probably some kind of laser to expand my product range.

I’m happy to help out, if you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your attention!