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High quality locking mechanism like in the real 737

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Discover the Autobrake selector on the center panel, a crucial component that allows you to set the automatic braking level during rollout. What’s more, many builders are unaware that the MAX position is safeguarded for optimal performance.


The Autobrake selector employs a blocking mechanism to prevent incorrect MAX braking selection. To activate MAX braking, you need to pull the switch out and then turn it. However, when leaving the MAX position, you can simply turn the knob back without needing to pull it, functioning like a standard rotary switch.


Similar to the starters, this switch fits the same footprint as a regular rotary switch, making installation a breeze.


Meticulously machined using high-precision CNC machines, our Autobrake selector is crafted from aviation-grade aluminum and high-quality plastics. As always, we prioritize excellence and rely on hardware from renowned manufacturers.

Supported by:

Our mechanical design ensures seamless functionality without the need for electrical circuits, making these switches compatible with any interface available.

Required for Installation:

To integrate this Autobrake selector, you’ll require an interface card with 6 digital inputs.

Upgrade your setup with our reliable Autobrake selector, designed to deliver precise braking control during rollout, while ensuring ease of installation and unmatched quality. Elevate your simulation experience and take your cockpit to new heights of realism and performance.




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