B737 Autobrake selector


High quality locking mechanism like in the real 737

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The Autobrake selector on the center panel is used to set the amount of braking applied automatically during rollout. Not many builders actually know that the MAX position is protected.



It prevents incorrect selection of MAX  braking by a blocking mechanism. If you want MAX braking, you have to pull the switch out and then turn. Leaving the MAX position does not require you to pull the knob, it works like a normal rotary when turning from MAX.



As with the starters, this switch is also using the same footprint as any regular rotary switch. Makes installation as easy as it gets.



All parts machined using high precision cnc machines in aviation grade aluminium and high quality plastics. As always, I’m only using high quality hardware from well known manufactures.


Supported by

Because my mechanical design does all the job on these switches without any electrical circuits they will work with any interface available.


Required for installation

  • Interfacecard with 6 digital inputs




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