A320 IRS Mode selectors


As real as it’s get with these A320 IRS selectors, completely mechanical logic.

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Complete set of three switches for the A320 family. 

IRS’s, the heart of modern navigation. Of course switches controlling the navigation reference system have some built-in safety functions.

Selecting these into the wrong position by mistake in the air and you can’t align them again, your navigation displays goes blank.

The switches are found on the aft overhead and are used on every flight. These switches, like all of my other, works like the real ones do.


These switches have safety features to prevent accidential selection of wrong modes.

To get into or out of a protected mode you have to pull the knob and then turn.

The switch works exactly like the real one does with all mechanical safety stops and latches.



Like my other switches, it has the same shape as any normal rotary switch. Just replace your current switch. Easy mounting thanks to the innovative design.



I’m only using high quality parts from brands like Carling, Lorlin, Lesjofors, SKF, TDS etc. They are built to last for many years. All parts machined in high precision cnc machines.


Supported by

Because my mechanical design does all the job on these switches without any electrical circuits they will work with any software available.


Required for installation

  • Interfacecard with 9 digital inputs



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