A320 IRS Mode selectors


As real as it’s get with these A320 IRS selectors, completely mechanical logic.

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Welcome to our revolutionary IRS switches – the heart of modern navigation, equipped with essential built-in safety functions.

In-flight, accidentally selecting the wrong position can cause navigation display blackouts, leaving you disoriented. However, rest assured, our switches prevent such mishaps and ensure a smooth operation.

Located on the aft overhead and utilized on every flight, these switches function just like the real ones, complete with mechanical safety stops and latches.


To access protected modes, simply pull and turn the knob, mimicking the authentic actions of real switches.


Designed with user-friendliness in mind, our switches boast the same shape as regular rotary switches. Effortlessly replace your current switch and enjoy easy mounting due to our innovative design.


We prioritize excellence, utilizing high-quality parts from trusted brands such as Carling, Lorlin, Lesjofors, SKF, TDS, and more. Precision CNC machining ensures the durability of these switches, built to last for years.

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With our ingenious mechanical design, these switches are universally compatible with any software, eliminating any compatibility concerns.

Required for Installation:

Simply have an interface card with 9 digital inputs, and you’re all set to enhance your navigation experience!

Invest in our IRS switches today, and elevate your navigation system to new heights of precision and reliability.



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