B737 IRS Mode selectors


Navigation switches like on the real 737 with realistic locking positions

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Comes as a complete set of two switches for the 737. 

IRS’s, the heart of modern navigation. Of course switches controlling the navigation reference system have some built-in safety functions.

Selecting these into the wrong position by mistake in the air and you can’t align them again, your navigation displays goes blank.

The switches are found on the aft overhead and are used on every flight. These switches, like all of my other, works like the real ones do.

They are:

  • locked in NAV to ATT
  • locked in ATT to NAV
  • locked in ALIGN to OFF

Turning the switch into a locked position requires a pulling force on the knob and then turn. Selecting a position that is not locked does not require you to pull, i.e. turning from OFF to ALIGN to NAV.



I’m always trying to keep installation as simple as possible. I don’t want you to cut holes in your panels so this switch is like my other products equipped with my special mounting part. You will only need to replace your standard rotary switch and move the cables onto this switch. Simplicity at it’s best.



As always, I’m only using high quality parts from well known manufactures. All parts cnc machined using high quality materials that will last.


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Because my mechanical design does all the job on these switches without any electrical circuits they will work with any software available.


Required for installation

  • Interfacecard with 8 digital inputs




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