B737 Engine Starter switches


Complete set realistic Engine Starters for your B737 overhead panel

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Complete set for your B737 overhead panel

The engine starters are probably the most iconic switches on the 737 flightdeck and the heart of engine operation and starting.

These switches are not a normal rotary. They control the engines, so they have safety latches incorporated in the design.

First of all, you have to push them 0.1″ to get them out of the latched OFF position. Once pushed you can select the CONT and FLT position.

To initiate the engine start procedure you push and turn them to GRD, the switches are then held to GRD by a magnetic latch, once the engines spool up above 56% the switch will release the latch and the switch will pop back to OFF with a distinct sound.

These switches features all the functions the real ones have, even the sound when the switch goes back to OFF is very similar to the real one.



The design was made with three big requirements: Quality, lifelike operation and feel, and easy to install. On top the switch has the same footprint like a normal rotary switch so replacing your switches will be an easy task.



This is important, I want all my products to last, too many simproducts lacks robustness and quality.

All parts are cnc machined using aviation grade aluminium and high quality plastics.

Other parts are sourced from well known manufacturers like Carling, Lorlin, SKF, TDS and more. No cheap hardware that will fail on you.

 Guaranteed to work with, but not limited to

  • Prosim737
  • Sim-Avionics
  • SimVim
  • Arduino
  • Zibo737


Required for installation

  • 8 digital input on your I/O-card and 2 relay output.
  • 12VDC, 1A Power supply
  • Runback diode included


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